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Coming from artistic family background, as a child of a carpenter dad and a tailor mom, I discovered scissors, fabric, and wood shreds that changed my life. I started making paper and cloth dolls. After some time, I made picture books. I collaged paper, fabric, and wood shreds onto my illustrations. I love collage because I find new meanings to my art by juxtaposing materials that leave the audience with an open interpretation. I prefer to use recycled materials to keep our Planet Earth safe. My illustrations for children are abstract-figurative in style using a collage of various materials such as paper, fabric, and recycled materials which creatively make rich colors and textures. I sometimes sew on paper and collage it onto my illustrations as well. In other words, I defamiliarize familiar materials by collaging. For instance, I might use a dried leaf to represent it as the wing of a creature, or a Pepsi bottle cap as a soldiers’ helmet. I believe collage helps me technically tell children’s stories in a different way that enhances kids’ creativity and visual perception.

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